The Common Thread formed in 2021, with their lineup solidifying as a trio in 2022. They are an electric Americana band based in Olympia, Washington. Fronted by singer/songwriter Casey Meehan, the trio also features bassist, Jim Farley and fiddler, Damian Nelson. This Americana group blends guitar, fiddle, bass percussion and soulful vocals in a captivating, foot-stomping performance. Their music is best described as a crockpot of alt-country, folk and rock & roll with songwriting placing a strong emphasis on fiddle melodies and a to-the-point-baritone vocal performance, all supported by a very clean rhythmic bedframe. 

Over the winter of 2023-24 The Common Thread recorded their debut full length record - digitally available via streaming platforms this summer, followed by a physical release in the coming year. During recording, the band tracked 20 songs, with the intention of narrowing down and releasing a dozen or so that “belong together”. A concentrated effort being made to create a balanced record as a whole, not just a collection of songs - specifically translating the identity of The Common Thread's live sound and performance into their recorded versions - soaring fiddle melodies, harmonies, solo sections, simple percussion grooves, lyrical storytelling, soulful vocals, unison instrumental lines - it's all there!





socials (FB & IG): @thecommonthreadoly

Song List


  • second chances
  • echoes by the ocean
  • clementine
  • valentine
  • the day everything changed
  • barefoot down
  • parting lines
  • strange
  • a changing year
  • born to be
  • ease on down the road
  • revival (reprised)
  • francine
  • taxidermy
  • song of the times
  • deliver
  • wild child
  • hideaway
  • something in the water
  • thems the breaks
  • walk the plank
  • keeping the sea awake at night
  • theme song
  • ray buchanan 

2024 Cover Song List

  • Can't You See
  • Midnight Rider
  • Ooh La La
  • Dancing in the Dark
  • Watermelon Sugar
  • Learning to Fly
  • Champagne Supernova
  • Stuck in the Middle With You
  • Bittersweet Symphony
  • Question
  • Feel Alright
  • Down Home Girl