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the common thread is our name, live rock & roll music is our game, olympia, wa is the town in which we are from

our music is a messy original crockpot of blues, americana, alt-country and funk, coming at ya like an early-70's soundtrack

we formed in 2019 around a singular connection that brought us all together

we still feel like a brand new band that has been put on the shelf

you get up tempo toe tapping tunes with the common thread

you also get artist features that will surely stick in your head

our motivation is to provide our listeners with an opportunity to come together, to set aside differences and unite around the love of live music


Featured Tune

when we resume playing live as it is safe to do so, we will feature one song per performance, where we will post the lyrics and backstory here. Until then, here is a deep dive on our recent release, "second chances".

Song List


  • second chances
  • barefoot down
  • slow down easy
  • parting lines
  • land of plenty
  • ease on down the road
  • revival (reprised)
  • ghost town
  • taxidermy
  • make me an offer
  • song of the times
  • deliver
  • moth or monster
  • wild child
  • north fork drive
  • back to the basics
  • pass the wine
  • the astronaut
  • thank you
  • vagabond
  • where there's smoke, there's fire
  • where will the kids go 


Bill Withers

  • use me
  • lonely town, lonely street
  • who is he (and what is he to you)?
  • kissing my love

Mississippi Fred McDowell

  • you gotta move
  • kokomo blues
  • baby please don't go