second chances

they say lightning don't strike in the same place twice, i believe
if it could would it break me in two or make me anew, i believe 

put your heart on the top shelf for the world to see
i can feel someone sweeping me off my feet
look at me, look at me now
my second chance just came around

missed you like a dream that ended when i woke
didn't get to the ending, one can only hope
it will play out in the sequel, a happy ending on a silver screen
I see the actors' winning, hey, could that be me?

to all those lonely nights when i knocked on the sky, i believe 
did ya ever think that worried life would find a reprieve, i believe

ready to quit trying, ready to step aside
ask for forgiveness, accept this tethered life
then you came along and you cut me loose
the way the wind takes a hot air balloon 

my second chance just came around 

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